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Resifence was founded in 1995 by JR Fountain. JR was trying to get quotes for a residential fence in Fort Mill, SC. After dealing with several fence companies, he decided to try installing the fence on his own instead. It was then that Resifence was born, and since that time, they’ve installed thousands of residential fences across the Charlotte and Fort Mill areas.

The Resifence Difference

In addition to the list of 10 reasons you should hire Resifence for your next residential fence installation, several things set Resifence apart from other residential fence contractors in Charlotte and Fort Mill. Since Resifence only installs residential fences, we know them inside and out and have decades of experience installing them. Resifence also believes in being honest with the customer while providing them high-quality work at a low cost. When you receive a quote from one of our residential fence experts, you can count on paying no more than that once your fence has been successfully installed. Finally, Resifence employs bright, hardworking American staff who are fully fluent in English. JR believes this distinction helps his customers feel they can easily communicate with him and his team should anything come up during the fencing installation.

Check out our gallery for even more reasons to choose Resifence

When choosing a residential fence company in the Charlotte or Fort Mill area, one thing is more important than any other factors: Will you be left with a great-looking residential fence that fits all your requirements? We invite you to check our extensive fence galleries for some of our past residential fence installations. We’re proud of our work and hope to add your residential fence to our gallery soon! Contact us by calling (803) 548-5823 or emailing us using the form on this page to get started today.


JR Fountain
Owner – Resifence Inc.



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